During the communist war, our family was one of the selected four who was allowed to continue doing business in Tebedu. Our late father was a noble businessman and has contributed to this area for more than 60 years. 


In 2016, we decided to establish KLB garden in remembrance of our late father and to carry on his spirit. The aim of KLB Garden is to promote eco-tourism and attract visitors from all walks of life to explore this hidden pearl, where the tales and stories unfold...

KLB Garden has a vast animal collection consisting of more than 40 different species of birds, fishes and other native Borneo animals such as deers, parrots, cows and goats. Exotic animals like peacocks, musangs, porcupines, and rare fowls are available too. Besides that, KLB Garden is planted with more than 20 different tropical fruits including durians, rambutans, dragon fruits and more than 100 different species of flowers and plants including orchids, hibiscus, pitcher plants, makura, bushida and giant pine trees. The farm is also an ideal place to host government meetings, company excursions and educational tours since it includes facilities such as air-conditioned event hall, open-air grand hall and various outdoor activities. Our outdoor activities include horse riding, boating, cycling, swimming and children playground etc. 



The core design concept of this logo is The Kueh Family Tree.

The two person tree trunk represents our grandfather and grandmother who have supported and nurtured six branches, which represent the six siblings respectively. The leaves represent the in-laws (dark green) and the grandchildren generation (light green). The door icon represents home.


This logo implies that over the decades, our family has expanded and grown into a strong tree. Nonetheless, we all share the same root deep down and KLB garden is always the home for all of us.


As shown in the logo, we should always remember our common root and unite to continue the family legacy. Therefore, KLB garden is the perfect getaway for family bonding and holiday. 


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E-mail: klbgarden@gmail.com


Lot 85, Kayan Land District

Pangkalan Amo-Tebedu Link Road

Tebedu, 94760

Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia

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